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Icon Extras

resources, help, tutorials & more!

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Resources, help, tutorials & more!


Icon Extras is a community dedicated to helping icon and graphic makers (both new and old) by offering them a place to browse and share a variety of resources and tutorials, as well as being an outlet for help related to all aspects of icon and graphic making.

Our community is open for anyone to join, so if you're interested in icon making why not consider becoming part of our large and creative community of enthusiastic icon lovers. :)

Due to the change in our community rules, new posts will be moderated.. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

posting rules

01 » icons: This community is not for posting finished icons, and doing so will get your post deleted and earn you a warning. I repeat, do not post finished icons here; this community is solely for icon/graphic resources, and help/tips related to icon/graphic making.

02 » passwords/comments: Due to the trend of bribing users into leaving comments, posts requiring comments or passwords in order to access files/downloads are no longer allowed.
This rule also applies to situations where the poster threatens to password protect file(s) at a later time, unless they receive a certain amount of comments and the like.

03 » locked posts: Links to locked posts and/or resources are not permitted. This also applies to posts with a time-delayed lock down (example: 'This post will be locked in 3 days.')

04 » resource links: Always include a direct link to the resource or tutorial that you're posting. Simply stating something along the lines of "find them at my community" and expecting people to go and hunt around your journal for the resources is unacceptable.

05 » previews/post: For posts with preview images larger than 400px in width, 400px in height, or more than 2 example image, use an LJ-cut or re-size them in your graphics program (don't scale them with imagehosts/HTML), to be courteous of those with slower connections.

Do not add colors to the text (pink, yellow, black etc.), do not change the font size, or font type, just leave it as it is. The colors, size and font type will change automatically according to the community layout and peoples friends lists.

Do not "members lock" your entries. Always make sure all your posts are set to "Show this entry to: Everyone (public)".

06 » tagging: Tag your entries! It only takes a second to do, and helps keep the community organized by making resources easier to locate.

07 » comments: Do NOT disable comments. If you do this, your post will be removed.


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